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Our Recipients of the Month
Angie Goodson, whose husband received 38 lifesaving units of blood during his treatment for leukemia. He is now back saving other people's lives as a firefighter.
Ana-Maria Sanchez, Estoy viva para críar ami hijo porque dos personas que no conozco donaron sangre. Gracías.
IV. Bunny Call Overview

     We help blood centers salvage donors who haven't made additional donations after receiving calls from your telerecruiters. We call non-responding donors with a totally fresh, attention-grabbing message that thanks each donor seven times in a single message for their previous donation. The length of time after the last donation is chosen by each blood center, i.e. 120 or 150 days. Within 13 days, this message typically rescues about 5.9% of donors you are about to lose.

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