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Our Recipients of the Month
Austan Pierce, who received many blood transfusions during treatment for cancer.
Ana-Maria Sanchez, Estoy viva para críar ami hijo porque dos personas que no conozco donaron sangre. Gracías.
V. Cholesterol Reporting Overview

     Like other Cholesterol Reporting programs, our system provides cholesterol results and blood type in English and/or Spanish. Our system is unique in that we change Cholesterol Reporting from an expense to a revenue stream. Cholesterol reporting pays for itself several times every year.

     Both donors and blood centers benefit from using this system:

     Donors receive their results within a few days of their donation instead of weeks later and the system is available 24x7x365. And yes, many donors do call for their reports between midnight and 3:00 AM!

     Blood centers benefit the most from using this system. When blood banks use this Cholesterol Reporting System they:

  1. Save money over mailing.
  2. Conserve limited employee resources as collecting and disseminating data is automated.
  3. Provide cholesterol and blood type information at times convenient to donors so donors experience superb service.
  4. Obtain permission from donors to be called with an automated calling system when there is a blood shortage. A database is maintained of donors who respond "yes". This donor base has historically provided blood banks with a 12% successful donation rate when shortage calls are made to live donors or answering machines.
  5. Provide communication in English and Spanish.
Expanded Cholesterol:

     "Expanded Cholesterol" asks donors to rate the service they received from their phlebotomists and historians. These scores are then tabulated into a report that allows management to learn how donors feel about the services they received. Blood banks can quickly identify the phlebotomists and historians who are consistently outstanding, and who can serve as training resources for the center. Employees who require additional training are also identified.

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