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6500 W. Vickery Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76116-9109
Our Recipients of the Month
Austan Pierce, who received many blood transfusions during treatment for cancer.
Ana-Maria Sanchez, Estoy viva para críar ami hijo porque dos personas que no conozco donaron sangre. Gracías.
I. Commitment and Satisfaction Overview

     It's critical that donors are both committed to saving lives by donating blood and satisfied with their donation experience. If either of these components is not met, donors are not likely to return to make additional donations. Each component is addressed directly with this product.

Commitment: Bloodbankpartners assures donors know blood saves lives. Every donor receives a call from a grateful blood recipient who tells donors how blood transfusions saved his/her life. When donors realize they actually save a life each time they donate blood, they return more often.

     Statistics bear out this claim. First time donors who hear our message donate 2.88% more blood than donors who do not hear our recipient message. After receiving our recipient messages, donors increase their loyalty and internalize their intention to become regular donors.

Satisfaction: In the same call, donors are asked to participate in a quick survey. BBPs' surveys are different in that we turn survey responses into information you can use to manage more effectively. On a granular level, this tool identifies phlebotomists who should be recognized for outstanding performance as well as those who need additional training. On a higher level, your management team receives cumulative reports with employee scores categorized by neighborhood sites and mobiles. These reports allow you to get the most out of your organization's budget and staffs time. We report powerful insights from donors that help you make effective business decisions based on empirical data from your customers.

     Included with our Commitment and Satisfaction Program is our daily "Alert" report. "Alert" captures every donor's response below the threshold you choose for each question category. "Alert" scores are reported to your center daily which allows you to immediately identify individual donors whose expectations have not been met. About 80% of your disgruntled donors can be salvaged when you address their concerns quickly.

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