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Our Recipients of the Month
Austan Pierce, who received many blood transfusions during treatment for cancer.
Ana-Maria Sanchez, Estoy viva para críar ami hijo porque dos personas que no conozco donaron sangre. Gracías.

It's critical that donors are both committed to saving lives by donating blood and satisfied with their donation experience. If either of these components is not met, donors are not likely to return to make additional donations. Each component is addressed directly with this product.

First-time donors are thanked by your center's CEO or other authority figure in your community. In addition to recognizing each first-time donor's accomplishment, the CEO encourages each new donor to consider becoming a regular donor. Donors are thanked and recognized for their life saving donations, and they are told the community depends on donors who donate blood regularly.

This call celebrates a life being saved by your donor's successful blood donation. Donors are told the name of the hospital where their blood was sent, how quickly their blood was shipped to that hospital and their next eligibility date. Even seasoned donors are surprised to learn their blood was used so quickly. After receiving their Celebration call, these same donors report feeling more urgency to make additional donations.

We help blood centers salvage donors who haven't made additional donations after receiving calls from your telerecruiters. We call non-responding donors with a totally fresh, attention-grabbing message that thanks each donor seven times in a single message for their previous donation. The length of time after the last donation is chosen by each blood center, i.e. 120 or 150 days. Within 13 days, this message typically rescues about 5.9% of donors you are about to lose.

Like other Cholesterol Reporting programs, our system provides cholesterol results and blood type in English and/or Spanish. Our system is unique in that we change Cholesterol Reporting from an expense to a revenue stream. Cholesterol reporting pays for itself several times every year.

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